Today in Lampasas

It’s meetings Monday with County Commissioners in session at 9am with a routine agenda.
Lampasas City Council meets for a workshop at 5:30 and regular session at 7pm. Much of the discussion will include the Rodeo Arena idea in the 580 Sports Park. There has already been a
commitment to approximately $100K in city funding for a skeleton arena. Discussions may include how much further this will go in city participation.

Other discussions will be on the agreement with Leah Caruthers Real Estate, inc. on use of right-of-way in front of that store, some improvements to the Animal Shelter, the new Solid
Waste Company agreement, and an LCRA agreement. On Tuesday the Kempner City Council will meet at 7pm in their City Hall for what appears to be a brief session where they will go
over accounts and discuss the next meeting. The Council will welcome a new business to town as Phelps Golf Shop will likely be in-house for the meeting.

Also on Tuesday, the Lometa School Board will have its regular session at 6pm at the school library. It will include team building sessions to foster skill development for the school board and superintendent, as facilitated by the Region 12 Education Service Center.