Lady Badgers Softball team is back! After the second roundbewildering loss to Salado on Tuesday, our girls were back big Friday against Llano. They run-ruled the Llano girls 10-0 in 4 ½
innings. It came with a three-peat home run after slugger Sloan Johnson came to bat. She hit a dinger out that also brought in Blakli Brookerson. Not to be outdone, Kloe Corbin came to the box and hit another homer, and then Megan Sittner came in to do it again.

The game was like that and Coach Drew Cleavinger said she told the girls, “We have a really good softball team.” After a bye on Tuesday, the next game comes Thursday on the road
at Leander. You can learn more about Lady Badger Softball every Tuesday morning at 8am when Coach Drew and one or more Lady Badgers will be in our studio for the weekly radio show with host Ronnie Witcher.Badger Baseball, as in softball above, had a very good night and run-ruled error-ridden Llano Jackets on Friday.

The big bats were Gage Berry, Mateo Maldonado and Harrison Gillespie. All three had 2 RBIs each. Santos Vega had a big hit, up against the right field fence, and Braden Terry did the same. Llano had one of those heart-wrenching games for the coaching staff when nobody did anything right and they were probably just anxious to get off the field and go home. Now the Badgers get a breather as they wait for next Thursday’s action at Leander Glenn.

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Badger JV Baseball had a big win in Friday’s early game, beating Llano 6-2. Ethan Rascoe went 2- 2/3 innings on the mound, getting 4 strikeouts and Marty Ybarra was on for 1- 1/3 innings with 3 strikeouts in the 4 inning game. Marty Ybarra got 2 hits with 2 RBIs and Jason Andrews had an RBI.