Sales Tax Report

The checks are in the mail for cities and counties in Texas that will represent a large part of their income for the month. The checks are for those cities’ part of the sales tax that was
collected in January of this year. The tax was collected by local stores in January, turned over to the state in February, and then the state is returning the cities’ cut of it in March.

Lampasas is getting $126,550.57 as its part. That is up .95% from the same month last year.
Kempner is getting $11,929.43, up 19.9% from last year. Lometa is getting $5,646.48, up 5.06% from last year. Goldthwaite is getting $27,625.57, down 51.61% from the same month last year.San Saba is getting $37,194.49, up 29.15% from last year. Burnet is getting $153,758.68, down 2.43% from last year. Copperas Cove is getting $313,391.29, up 4.64% from last year at this time.

These sales tax reports are good indicators of how well retail businesses are doing in a community, though wide swings are usually the result of late-paying businesses,\tax rate changes, a new business or some other phenomena in the community.