What’s Happening?

Today is the day, at 6pm when the City Council and local businessmen are to meet at the Old Middle School Cafeteria. The first order of business is to congratulate the District and Bi-District Champion Badger Basketball Team.

Afterward, discussions are to include what City of Lampasas Sign Ordinance regulations
should be, particularly having to do with digital LED signs. Lampasas has long had a problem with disagreements about its sign ordinance, but that was multiplied many times over when the animated and brighter digital LED signs came on the scene. A handful of signs showed up on Key Avenue and there were evidently a few raised eyebrows and comments to one or more city council members. So, the council has been wrestling with trying to create a fair and acceptable, and all encompassing, new sign ordinance. This meeting, it is hoped, will help the council settle on what that new ordinance should look like.

Lampasas ISD School Board is having a regular stated meeting at the School Administration building at 6pm Monday. On the agenda, in addition to a consent agenda, are the Superintendent’s recommendations regarding employment of principals and other staff.
Along with that are reports on enrollment, curriculum/instruction and a High School campus report and a business/support services report. The regular meeting will be followed by a likely closed session with the school’s attorney on the Petition for Detachment/ Annexation brought by parties in the east end of the district.