Spring Showers and Flowers

The half-inch of rain most of us got the other night was just enough to water our roadsides and pastures a bit. Perhaps it’ll help the Bluebonnets and Indian Paint Brush brighten up our world for the spring and early summer when we all pay attention to that sort of thing. March, so far, has seen us with a deficit for rainfall with only 1.38 in. recorded at the airport. That’s 1.26 in. short of normal for the month.

In February we were blessed with .96 more than usual, and in January we were short just over a half inch. So-o, that makes us almost an inch short on rainfall for 2017. On the other hand, it looks like April could kick off this weekend with some rain. Wouldn’t it be perfect if that rainfall came Saturday night after our Bloomin’ Fest celebration on the square. That event is, more than anything, a celebration of spring. It’s a time when we notice the wildflowers along our roadways and we think of garden planting and flower beds and pot plants for around the pool. Yeah!...to finish that day off with a good spring rain would be perfect.