City Council

Lampasas City Council heard a request from Leah Caruthers to abandon a small strip of right of way in front of her property along Hwy 281 near the old Amvets Hall. Leah is opening a plant store on the property and says the right of way is needed for parking. Council members all expressed that she was welcome to use the property for parking, but fell short of agreeing to abandon the right of way and convey it to her. She in turn expressed her concern for the future if she invested in infrastructure on the right of way and the city decided they wanted it for some other reason. In the end, it was agreed that an agreement would be worked out that would allow her to make use of the property with some assurance that it would likely be available for the business use, but that no conveyance of the right of way, now even a lease would take place. In other matters the Aninomoto Windsor ordinance for tax abatement and nomination for the Texas Enterprise Zone program was approved.

Another ordinance, one that had been on the table for a time, was killed. It was a sign ordinance proposal. Since the council had recently agreed to have a committee write a new one, it was simply procedural to kill the proposal on the table.

The City agreed to donate an acre of land in the Old City Landfill. The land will become the home of a new antenna that will belong to Burnet Co. but will serve radio operations for several counties for police and emergency services.

The Old City Hall building remodeling continues with the scope of the work appearing to become more and more involved. A presentation at the meeting on a sophisticated audio/visual distribution system was given by an engineer that had been brought in to do design work. The system will include Av equipment fed from a central A/V room into the Main Chamber, an Executive Conference Room, a separate Meeting Room, and a Break Area.
The areas will include 6 ea. 70 in. TV monitors and 1ea 55 in model. There will be ceiling speakers and ceiling microphones for the audio system and both HDMI inputs and outputs throughout for audio/visual equipment hookups and also some wifi network and high speed fiber internet hookups.

The Old Colored School building is hoping to get some needed upgrading in the form of electrical rehab and some HVAC installation soon, and the City Hall restrooms, which are apparently also needing attention, are to be getting some rehab soon.

Lampasas City Manager Finley deGraffenried will be in our studio on Wednesday morning for his weekly discussion with host Ronnie Witcher. The show begins at 8:30am. If you have a question or concern about City business and want to hear discussion on the subject, contact Lampasas Radio by phone at 512-556-6193 or email us at