Ain’t life wonderful?

Here Comes March
It’s the 1st of March and when we look at the calendar we see that it’s also Ash Wednesday.
Tomorrow will be Texas Independence Day and other March happenings include the end of Daylight Savings Time on the 12th, St. Patty’s Day on the 17th and the first day of spring on the 20th. In these parts we also recognize the last Saturday in March as being Lometa’s Diamondback Jubilee Day. That’s happening on the 25th this year.

And…we’re all thinking about getting that garden planted. When, exactly, should we do it?
Lemme see now, did it thunder in February? What about the ground hog? Frost in April? Nah! I think I’ll go ahead and plant! How ‘bout you. We’re rootin for ya’. RW