Next Week

Lampasas County Commissioners meet on Monday morning at 9am to discuss a temporary position for the JP Precinct 1 office, a Maintenance Tech position for the Human Resources Dept., a resolution for grant approval for some portable radios through the Governor’s Criminal Justice office and to receive a proposal from Singleton, Clark and Company to do the FY 2017 audit.

Lampasas City Council will meet at 5:30pm for a workshop session where they will again talk about improvements to athletic facilities in the city. There will also be an early executive session to discuss litigation matters with the Kempner Water Supply Corp., and there could be action taken on the matter afterward.

In the regular session at 7pm the Council will hold a public hearing regarding the submission of an application to the Governor’s Office for a Texas Enterprise Project Application for Ajinomoto Windsor, Inc.

Other matters will include the ordinance on a curfew for minors, an antennae and tower ordinance, and a Cross Connection Control Program ordinance. Then there are reports and possible action on the trash collection contract, a presentation by Eckermann Engineering on the progress of their work for the city, discussion on the idea of having mobile food vendors in Brook Park, a contract with LAMCO for a sports facilities workshop and the Chamber of Commerce will be on hand to ask for HOT funding for this year’s Bloomin’ Fest for $2,425.

Kempner VFD is having their annual BBQ & Auction on Saturday, March 4th at the fire station in Kempner. It’s a huge and very popular event with great food and lots of bargains.