Commissioners Call For An $18.75 Million Bond Election

Lampasas County Commissioners, on the last day to put an item on the May 6th Election Day ballot, voted unanimously to call a Bond Election to build a new County Jail.

The price tag was estimated, by the County’s Architect, to be $18.2 million for construction, but there were to be several other costs.

When the County Auditor questioned if the Commissioners might want to go for $19 million in order to cover possible overruns or missed estimates, a discussion began between the County Auditor, Commissioners, the financial firm that would handle the bond sales, the Attorney involved and Sheriff Jess Ramos.

There seemed to be some desire to stay below the $19 million number, but discussions did indicate a desire to have what the County Auditor described as “cush” in the dollar cap. There was also a general agreement that there should be two bond sales, so that the total amount wouldn’t have be drawn at one time-though it was explained that it could add another $20 to $25 thousand to the cost of the bond sales.

In the end, the County Commissioners voted to call a Bond Elec-tion for May 6th to sell bonds, raising up to $18.75 Million to build a new County Jail and Law Enforcement Center.
The discussions also seemed to indicate that County Sheriff Jess Ramos would be leading a public promotion urging the local electorate to vote in favor of the proposition.
David Whitis, the former County Sheriff who now works for the Texas Association of Counties, was also on hand and commented in favor of the matter.

Early voting will begin on April 24th and run through May 2nd, then regular Election Day would be Saturday, May 6th.