Happy Valentines!

Busy Monday Meetings Commissioners Agree Lampasas County Commissioners voted unanimously on all issues in their Monday meeting, including the three resolutions written up by the Texas Association of Counties.

Two of them complain and request that the State of Texas and its Legislature should fully fund all mandates they make on Counties, notably including the Indigent Criminal Defense mandates that require the Counties to pay a large share. The other resolution was to notify the State that a proposed Senate Bill that would regulate the amount of revenue the City could collect from citizens was wrong in the eyes of the Counties. 

On another matter the Commissioners had the CTCOG addressing principals before them with three proposals to create Private Road addresses. Commissioners agreed to two of them, but in a third case Commissioner Bobby Carroll said he had visited the residents on the road and there were only two of them there, with one a mobile home of a relative behind the principal home – and, the people there didn’t want another address or private road designation.

Furthermore, the rules stipulate that private roads would only be declared when there were three or more residences on them. So, to the mild objection of the CTCOG and the EMS people on hand, the Commissioners voted unanimously to turn the third proposal down.

In another matter, former County Auditor Jack Clark was on hand at the meeting because he had become aware that an outside auditor was to be selected at the meeting and his firm, Singleton, Clark and King had asked to be considered for County Audit work. Current County Auditor Chris Munn did not appear to be interested in changing auditors, to which Clark again asked to have the matter postponed until he had time to prepare a proposal. After some wrangling, with Commissioners asking why Clark’s firm wasn’tbeing given an opportunity to present a proposal, Jack Clark learned that the audit they were considering was for FY 16, that
ended in September, and that Munn had already allowed the other firm to begin work on it. So, he relented, saying that it was too late now to do anything about it. Upon that revelation, Commissioners told Clark that his firm would be considered for the 2017 audit.

They went on to award the audit work to Patillo, Brown and Hill. City Manager Finley deGraffenried was on hand at the meeting with to introduce the new Economic Development Director, Mandy Love Walsh to the Court, and to speak on the issue of a potential
Tax Abatement Incentive for Ajinomoto. The downtown food processor is tentatively expected to locate all or a part of its operation to the City Business Park and the City hopes that the County will help by approving some sort of abatement.

A new 90 Day Burn Ban was put in place by the Commissioners but as of this morning it was lifted until Sunday at 6pm. An additional note: A special meeting has been called by the
Commissioner’s Court for this Friday, Feb. 17th. At that time the Court will take action on an order calling a Bond Election for May 6th.