Badgers Win!

The Running Badger Basketball team lived up to expectations as they beat 4th place Taylor last night 70-36. The win was led by Jason Murphy with 19 points and Daniel Hurst with 18. Xavier Nicks and Kyle Sims came up with 8 points each. The district standings haven’t changed much.

Liberty Hill beat Glenn as expected last night but Llano got some respect last night in a thriller 54-52 win over Salado. Burnet was off for the night.

On Tuesday, the fog will clear in the top of the district standings when Burnet and Liberty Hill play each other. Lampasas plays Salado in their last game.

The standings in District 19 now look like this:

Burnet               10-1          Still has Liberty Hill

Lampasas          10-1          Still has Salado.

Liberty Hill        8-3           Still has Burnet                                                   

Taylor                5-6            Still has Glenn

Salado                3-8            Still has Lampasas

Glenn                 2-9            Still has Taylor

Llano                 1-11

The last Badger regular season game will be played in Badger Gym, hosting Salado, on Tuesday at 6:30pm. Get there early for a good seat.