Ain't Life Wonderful?


Yeh, things are lookin’ up for this Houston family.

 You’ve seen the Antiques Road show on PBS I guess…the show where people bring in their “stuff” that’s layin’ around the house and some long gone relative told them it was valuable but they’re not sure how becuz it’s probably ugly or somethin’. The experts at this travelin’ Road show come to big towns and appraise all the stuff that people bring in.

Well this guy named James Kenner brings in to the show a sculpture that, he said, was passed down from his great-aunt to his grandmother and then to his father. A-nd, Kenner wants to know if the thing has any value and “What is it?” Well, they say, it turns out it’s a piece called Eternal Spring, that was done by the artist, Rodin, somewhere between 1880 and 1917, and that it is probably worth somewhere between $400,000and $500,000. OK, Kenner says, this one is goin’ on the market.

I see this TV show occasionally and although this one was unusual, you do see a lot of people get pleasant surprises. What always gets me is the people that bring stuff in and are told that its really valuable…and they say, Of course we won’t sell it, it belongs in our home. Yeh, right! I bet most of ‘em don’t even slow down before they hit the first fancy lookin’ antique store and say, “I just came from…and What’ll you give me?”

Just tell me some of my junk is worth big bucks. Baby, It’s on the market.

I wish that show would just come look through the loft in my barn. My wife has all kinds of junk up there. Maybe under all that dust there might be somethin’ valuable.

Look through your junk!!! If in doubt…you might even put an ad in The Radiogram and see if somebody wants it.

We’re rootin’ for ya’.         RW