Sheep & Goat Market

On Thursday, Jan. 26, at the Mills Co. Commission Co. in Goldthwaite there were 2,737 head through the ring, up from last week’s 1,860.

Light kids were $10-$15/cwt higher and slaughter kids were $5 to $10/cwt higher. Slaughter Nannies were steady and Replacement Nannies $10-$15/cwt higher.

Wool Lambs were $5-$15 higher.

Dorper and Barbado Lambs were steady.

Wool lambs 70-90lbs.  $200-$240/cwt  

Slaughter Ewes $70-$100/cwt  90-100lbs $140-$180/cwt  

Wool Bucks $90-$120/cwt

Dorper-Dorper Cross 40-60lbs. $245-$290/cwt

Slaughter Ewes $80-$115/cwt 60-75lbs. $220-$270/cwt

Slaughter Bucks $85-$120/cwt  75-90lbs. $170-$250/cwt                                                          

Replacement Ewes $150-$220/hd  

Replacement Bucks $200-$375/hd

Barbado-Barbado Cross 35-50lbs. $225-$285/cwt, 50-70lbs $195-$270/cwt, 70-90lbs $165-$230/cwt      

Slaughter Ewes $75-$115/cwt        

Replacement Ewes $80-$125/hd

Boer-Spanish Cross 30-45lbs. $280-$360/cw, 45-60lbs. $270-$325/cwt,  60-70lbs. $225-$295/cwt, 70-90lbs. $180-$250/cwt

Slaughter Nannies $75-$200/cwt                                             

Slaughter Billies    $150-$210/cwt