Ain’t Life Wonderful !

Especially when you take a few days off…
Debbie and I cranked up the old RV last Wednesday and headed east. We had no idea where we were going, but were sure it was to be a Texas state or national park and it would have to have lots of pine trees. So-o, with little deliberation beyond a quick look at Tex-as map on our cell phone, we picked a green spot that was labeled Crockett National Forest.
What we learned, once again, was that taking you cell phone’s directions too literally will get you lost or on the wrong kind of road pretty easy and often. Taking the time to look at the map works lots better.
On the other hand, we saw lots of scenery on some of those east Texas back roads that we might not have seen otherwise.
And the trip to the National Park’s lake and campgrounds was so much more than worth it…it was a delightful way to spend a couple of days. It might not have been a big deal to a young person since it was a bit too cool for a swim in the lake or for kayaking along the shores, but for an old guy, the relaxing walk along the trails, through the 100 ft. pine trees, with your feet crunching twigs, leaves and old pine cones of a thick forest floor. Taking the time to stop and sit on a stump left from a worker’s chain saw removal of an ancient tree just removed, and taking the time to think about the things that really matter—ah, there’s the rub.
The family lap dog, Makayla, enjoyed it too. I took her for a walk through the woods that was peaceful enough..until the chipmunk ran across in front of us. Makayla’s not much bigger than a chipmunk herself, but she did disturb the forest quiet at the site of such an odd-looking creature – far different from the rabbits or an occasional squirrel she spots around our house.
Debbie spent much of her time figuring out what the plants were or talking to the lady “park host.” This lady had an interesting story. She was married and her husband was retired. They had come to the park in their RV and she learned about the volunteer Park Host program. That was years ago. She was so in love with the place and so wanted to be a part of it – hands on – that she joined the program. Her husband went home – wanted no part of it – but she had stayed there in the RV for the last 3 years. She said he comes there every few weeks to visit and split some logs for her, then goes back home. She stays, with gloves on her hands and helps the other volunteers take care of their part of the forest. And, she, in her 60s, seems very happy and healthy.
Anyway, it was all sort of hard to leave, but we did. Now back to work and being caretakers of our own part of the country, the El Ranch Notso.
The Guineas met us with lots of squawks, and the chickens seemed glad to see us. The deer had taken over the yard in our absence, and the goats were at the pasture fence bleating for feed. Good grief, can’t we ever get away?
Ah well, back at home and refreshed for the week. Here’s hoping you have a good one. We’re rootin’ for ya. RW