Ain’t Life Wonderful?

 El Rancho Notso Grande saw a bit of a windstorm and a little rain last night. Just when I thought it was over – all the noise in the wee hours. Saturday night the wife’s little lap dog, Makayla was goin’ nuts with the fireworks booming and the flashing light coming through the windows. She didn’t understand where it was all coming from but she was ready to fight and barked into the wee hours. I put a pillow over my head.

No, I wasn’t out seein’ in the New Year. These days I appreciate much more just bein’ in my flannel pj’s and my reclining chair in front of the TV – time was…when I felt guilty if I wasn’t somewhere blowin’ horns and makin’ noise.

On the other hand, there wasn’t much worth watching on the TV. That thing with the ball on Times Square – seen that enough times now I think I know the plot and the ending. I flipped the remote around until I nearly ran the battery down trying to find something to watch. So-o it was easy to go to bed before midnight…not much else to do.

Anyway, New Year’s Day on the El Rancho Notso it was nice and I was out doin’ chores – skipped the black-eyed peas thing this time. It hasn’t worked yet so we had chickpeas. Maybe that’ll work better. After a nice day and pleasant early evening I thought, “back to normal now,” and boom – the storm came through and woke the dog up. So much for a good night’s sleep.

Oh well, it looks like a nice day today. I’m gonna’ go let the chickens and Guinees out. They go nuts when the sun comes up and the goats leave the barn and they’re stuck behind the door. Isn’t it nice outside! Hope you have a good day.  We’re rootin’ for ya.      RW