The Weather 1.17.2017

High yesterday was 71°   The low this morning was 50° Just .01 in. of rain at the airport yesterday but…
Today: Rain chances have suddenly become huge at 80%. Rain coming off the Pacific and through Mexico seems to be headed our way and it could bring rain today though early Wednesday. Along with rain chances are a cooler high of about 53° and N-NE wind about 10 mph.
Tonight: Showers and thunderstorms expected(90%), along with clouds and a low of 44° and a N-NE wind 5-10 mph.   
Wednesday: A 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms early, then just clouds and a high near 58° and a north wind 5 mph.
Rest of the week:  Thursday the early morning cool will give way to a 72° afternoon and some wind. Friday the sun will shine and the nice weather will likely carry into the weekend, though the long term forecast does show a slight chance of a shower  on Saturday.