LISD Considers Vocational Course Offerings

Lampasas School Board heard a report from Randy Brady, the CTE Director, on the several possibilities for future vocational and technical classes in our schools. Considerable interest by the board was apparent as they had a number of questions about particular classes.  Kirk Whitehead for instance, a local auto dealership executive, said there was a very definite need for trained auto technicians. Other board members chimed in with the big questions appearing to be where the classes could be held and how much startup costs would be. Others, such as Dan Claussen, a local head of a manufacturing industry, seemed interested in forklift operator certification.     

Criminal Justice/CSI seemed to be the greatest interest in a recent survey of students about what courses they would like. They also liked Health Science, Engineering and Computer Science, Animal Management and Auto Tech. Several other ides were out there, such as culinary arts, child care, construction technology as the interests of students trailed down to business management at the bottom of the “likes.”