District Court

Lampasas 27th District Court, under District Judge John Gauntt, saw 26 cases last Friday, Sept. 2nd. Of the 26 cases, 14 were for possession of a controlled substance (usually methamphetamine)  and 4 of them were for more than small amounts. The biggest ofthose was on Aaron Crawford, 32, on a charge of 4 to 200 grams and for manufacture or delivery of the substance.

There were 3 cases of assault in family violence situations and 4sexual assault with two of those against Nsabimana Dominique, 32, of Lometa.

There were two theft cases and a burglary case and one case, against Jose Guadalupe Matias, 61 of Lometa, is charged with murder. The theft cases were against a man and woman, accused of the theft of livestock up to $150,000. The man is a John David Stouder of Waco (birthdate shown as 1/1/1900?); the woman is Ashley Dawn Bagley, 30 of Lorena.

Cases cleared included Victor Gauna, 58 of Lampasas, who got 60 days in county jail for possession of a controlled substance. Julian Bienbenu was sentenced to 8 yrs deferred adjudication and a $1,000 fine for indecency with a child, and Aaron Crawford, 32, was sentenced to 5 yrs in the TDCJ for possession and delivery of a controlled substance.