Labor Day Weekend News

Two Central Texas teens drowned in Texas waters over the three day weekend.

In nearby San Saba a Brownwood boy, D'avion Wasson, 17, was swimming at Mill Pond Park when he went under water and never resurfaced. The incident happened about 6pm Sunday. The boy was swimming in an "at your own risk" area with no lifeguard on duty. The San Saba Sheriff's Office says they believe he was trying to swim across from one bank to the other and didn't make it. Witnesses swimming with the teen were able to locate him underwater, drag him to shore and performed CPR but he was still unresponsive when emergency crews arrived at the scene. He was transported to Rollins Brook Hospital where attempts to resuscitate him failed and he was pronounced deceased.

At Lake Waco, a 19 yr old Bruceville Eddy boy and two friends were swimming to a distant no-wake buoy when one of them began to have trouble. His friend tried to help him along but he was unable to get him in and the boy drowned.