Wow - what a game!

Robinson 70Lampasas 68

No, it was not a basketball game, nor a high scoring 6-man football game. It was just plain ol' Friday Night Football, and it was fun!

In spite of the fact that the Badgers lost last night, nobody left the stadium grumbling about the ticket cost or the time they spent on the bleachers. It was a wild and exciting game and the Lampasas team has plenty to be proud of. It was certainly the best offensive performance a Badger team has turned out in a long time, and Robinson? - they do have quite a ball team. On this night it was their turn to be just 2 points better, but both teams had tremendous success moving the ball and taking it into the end zone when it was needed. See the Darrell Brooks wrap-up on the game in Sports.

Oh yeah - For the rest of the opponents on the Lampasas Badger schedule for this year...You better be skeered!