Meetings on Monday

Lampasas City and County governments both approved their budget and tax rates on Monday.

County Commissioners met in the courthouse approved their budget and tax rate. They also agreed to shift funds from a part-time animal control officer to a part-time cook at the Lampasas County Jail. The County budget includes roughly $8.6 Million for general fund operations, $2.3 Million for Road and Bridge care, almost $161 Thousand for a construction fund, about $171 Thousand for Elections, $500 Thousand for Juvenile Probation and about $835 to service the County's current debt.

The adopted tax rate is 66.889¢ per hundred dollar valuation on real or business personal property.

In other matters, a contract for representing the County on on-site sewage facilities was approved, and October 2-8 was designated as National 4-H Week.

(Above pix foreground are 4-H leaders and members with County Judge and Commissioners in background.)

Lampasas City Council last evening had a lengthy meeting that wound up, after regular session, with a closed session.

Budget and Tax Rates were approved, appointments and reappointments were made to advisory committees, reports were heard, and a couple of routine matters handled.

Much of the meeting was over discussions of funding for promotion of local events. The City has control over the purse strings of a special tax that is levied on hotel and motel stays in local units. That money is to be used to promote, or put on, events in the city that could cause people to come to Lampasas and stay in hotels and motels. The occasional extra discussion come when some members of the Council become heavily interested in how, or how well, that is done.

The Chamber of Commerce, Vision Lampasas and the Lampasas Association for the Arts were at Council requesting funding - some for operation of the local Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center, some to support the Herb and Art Festival on October 8th, some to promote an upcoming Wine Tour, and some for the Fall Hunter Promotions. 

In the course of the meeting, it was revealed that a replacement for resigning Chamber of Commerce Manager Alicia Menard will be announced on Wednesday.