Monday Meetings

On Monday at 9am the County Commissioners will meet in the County Courtroom for a regular session. They are expected to adopt the budget and property tax rate for 2016-17, along with contracting for duties of a designated representative for on-site sewage facilities.

Lampasas City Council will meet at 5:30pm in their chambers for a special session and a workshop. There will be a closed door meeting in which they are to discuss the litigation with Kempner Water Supply Corp. and the potential purchase or sale of real estate. They may come out of the executive session to act on subjects discussed there, then go into a workshop where the talk will be on what capital projects they want to plan, using funds they are going to borrow through Certificates of Obligation.

In regular session, the Council may act on rezoning and an ordinance allowing the Fire Department to charge fees for the use of their meeting room. There will be a number of reports, then the adoption of the budget and tax rate for 2016-17.

Some purchases of equipment will seek approval before the Council, as well as the Chamber of Commerce' request for funding and reimbursement. Requests will also come from the Lampasas Association for the Arts for funding for their annual event, along with the Chamber of Commerce request for funding for their annual Hunters' promotion.

On another funding matter, there will be discussion about a City request for State grant funding for infrastructure improvements in the City.    

On Tuesday, the Kempner City Council will meet at 7pm in their City Hall Chamber where they will look at financial matters, then approve the use of Garrett Brewer as an outside contractor for small jobs and amend the 2015-16 budget.