National GEAR UP Week

Tomorrow, students at Lampasas High School will participate in National GEAR UP Week activities made available through the ESC Region 12 GEAR UP grant.  These activities are designed to improve high school graduation rates and access to college readiness programming. 

As part of this experience, Lampasas High School is partnering with FOCUS Training, Inc. to deliver programming for students, staff and parents. Latrell Armstrong from FOCUS Training, Inc. will deliver the keynote address to the student body titled, “The Dean’s List.” His message will stress the importance of discovering inner hurdles and how students can reach their full potential through unique life experiences.  

Following the keynote address, students will participate in workshops designed to increase student leadership with outcomes like creating a student leadership profile, understanding a personal statement and college fit.

ESC Region 12 also includes outreach to parents to help families better understand the college going process. Parents are invited to attend a Financial Aid 101 workshop to educate them on how to pay for college through loans, scholarships and grants. Parent outreach is essential to improving understanding and access to college.

The parents meeting will be at 5pm Tuesday at the LHS Lecture Hall.

GEAR UP stands for Gaining Early Awareness and Awareness for Undergraduate Programs. This federal grant is designed to help at-risk students prepare for college and receive the support they need for success in postsecondary education. ESC Region 12 GEAR UP is one of many grants made available by the federal government for local communities to improve graduation rates, college acceptance rates and completion of college.