Man on the run…


Kempner Police and Lampasas Sheriff’s Dept. Deputies, assisted by a DPS helicopter have been searching for a man in the Indian Valley subdivision at Kempner. He has been identified as 27 yr old Chris Bagley, about 6’1” w/a beard and tattoos on one arm and short brown hair and eyes. He was said to have been wearing a camo’ shirt and jeans when seen on Wednesday.


Officers had a warrant on Bagley when they went to his home off CR 4818 Wednesday morning. They said he was in a closet with clothing over his head and holding a picture frame. He told officers he had a gun pointed at his own head. Police say he then ran out past them and escaped into the woods.

Kempner Police Chief Forrest Spence said that Bagley is on parole. He has had aggravated assault charges against him and could be armed and possibly dangerous.

Vehicles were being stopped and residents questioned about whether they had seen the fugitive and school bus drivers and others were cautioned about the incident.

So far, as of this morning at 10am, we understand that the man has not yet been located.