Ain't Life Wonderful?

by: Ronnie Witcher

Just the other day I was pointing out that we Texans had it kind of tough on-account'a the fact that we paid more and got less when it came to health insurance.

Well, I guess it ain't so bad. I just looked at another survey that had to do with "2016's Happiest States."  I found out Texas came out pretty much in the middle on that one -number 29, just a little below the mid-way mark.

We're right under Alaska, where folks are freezin' their ___ off, and they're just a little happier'n us. We're just a little happier than the folks in North Carolina, and two notches above Arizona. I would'a thought Arizona'd be way down the list, those folks are always mad.

Who's the happiest? Utah. Well of course; I figure there ain't many people there so they don't have to share. My wife says that ain't so!  Oh my!

In some of these states, like North Dakota, number 3 on the list, they were prob'ly happy when somebody called on the phone to take this survey. 

Other places like Hawaii, and Colorado and Idaho...of course they're happy. Who wouldn't be happy to be there. Heck, we pay money just to go to Hawaii and Colorado to visit, and Idaho, with all those beautiful mountains in the distance and the grasslands...yeh, that's what I'm talkin' about.

The unhappiest people...guess?  West Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana...duh!  Especially Louisiana, notwithstanding the tap dancers and bead collectors on New Orleans' Bourbon Street, those people got reason to be unhappy. Who sings the blues? Yep - what'd I tell ya'?

Anyway, you'd think Louisiana must have a welcome sign out on the beaches that says, "Hurricanes and disaster, come this way!"

Any..way Texas people are reasonably (almost 50/50) happy - because really, we have lots of sunshine, and it rains sometimes, and most of our neighbors are good guys. We ain't got all that much to gripe about.