We Remember

 by: Ronnie Witcher                        

We all remember that awful day in 2001. I was on the air, doing the morning show on that Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001 morning. Shortly before 8am our network news hookups began sending the bulletins that a plane had hit the twin towers building. The telephone was ringing off the hook and we were trying to both keep up with the bulletins coming in and get reports on-air of what we knew. The TV in the corner of the studio was on and we saw the same shocking video everybody else was seeing by that time. After both towers had been hit with planes and all the agonizing news was coming in, we saw the towers and then the entire World Trade Center come down.

While all this was going on we learned that another plane was crashed into the Pentagon, and that another, headed toward D.C. was crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.

The events of that day killed 3,000 innocent people and injured 6,000 more. Investigations quickly revealed that the terrorist attacks were carried out by middle-east Islamic radicals.

Americans were horrified, and angry, and perhaps even more damage came to our world as a result of that day.

American military might was launched. It went to Afghanistan to attack the Taliban and any al-Qaeda that were there, then to Iraq. The War on Terror began. It has cost many more Thousands of lives and Trillions of dollars and has been, in the end, unsuccessful. We still live in a world that has to fear terrorism. Even more, we live in a world of distrust and division.

Even though most of those responsible for 9-11, including Osama bin Laden, have been killed or punished, and some terrorist organizations have been diminished, the terrorist organizations are bigger than ever.

Did terrorism win? In spite of its obvious victories and hardship and division brought on Americans, there is still a spirit of the love of the "American way" among our people. We all want peace with our neighbors. We all want to enjoy our freedoms and be left alone to work or worship or carry out our personal lives as we wish, and most of us are more interested in having plowshares than arms. We are still free!       RW