Vehicle Burglaries in Lampasas

A news release from Sammy Bailey, Assistant Police Chief of the Lampasas Police Dept.:

All officers in Lampasas have been working diligently to catch the persons responsible for the recent burglaries of vehicles in the City of Lampasas.

Sgt. Investigator Charlie Boswell was tasked with being the lead investigator in these crimes and through thorough investigation is clearing them up as quickly as possible.  He received an important piece of information from a victim which has been a tremendous help in identifying those involved in this investigation.

As suspected, thus far he has found that most of the vehicle burglaries were committed by juveniles. These juveniles would go out alone or together as a group and burglarize vehicles, then the next time they would go with another person or group. This helps to explain the reason the burglaries were random as to date, time, and location.

If your child-juvenile has shown up with a new item and they tell you it was given to them or they bought it from a friend cheap, question your child more about the item to make sure they are not in possession of someone’s stolen property.

At this time there have been five identified juveniles ranging in ages between 13 and 16, that were involved in the burglaries of the vehicles or were found to be in possession of stolen property. Sgt. Investigator Boswell is tenacious in this investigation and knows there will be more involved individuals as he conducts further investigation.

If you have information in regards to these burglaries of vehicles or possible stolen property, please contact Lampasas Police Department Sgt./Investigator Charlie Boswell at 512- 556-3644.

The Lampasas Police Department continues to enforce Curfew for Minors under 17 years of age in the City of Lampasas.   

Curfew hours means:

(1)11pm on any Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, until 6am the following day; and

(2) 12:01am until 6am on any Saturday or Sunday.

The City of Lampasas Curfew for Minors Ordinance Article II, Section 50.31-Sec. 50-26, can be found at, Government-Code of Ordinances and search Curfew for Minors.