Cattle Market Report

Lampasas Cattle Auction had 309 head through the ring on Wednesday, down from last sale’s 494 and the same as a year ago’s 309. Compared to last sale, feeders were $2-$5 higher and slaughter cows and bulls were steady.

Steers                                           Heifers

200-300 lbs$2.55-$1.85/lb     200-300 lbs No Test

300-400 lbs $1.36 -$1.69/lb    300-400 lbs $1.20-$1.41/lb

400-500 lbs $1.32-$1.63/lb     400-500 lbs $1.29-$1.41/lb 

500-600 lbs $1.29-$1.46/lb     500-600 lbs $1.24-$1.38/lb

600-700 lbs $1.21-$1.47/lb     600-700 lbs $1.20-$1.33/lb

700-800 lbs $1.23-$1.40/lb     700-800 lbs $1.12-$1.19/lb

Slaughter Cows                         Slaughter Bulls

Under 800lbs: $.45-$.56/lb   1000-1300lbs:  $.70-$.85

800-1100lbs: $.57-$.70/lb                    1300-2100lbs: $.86-$1.01/lb

1100-1350lbs: $.71-$.81/lb   

Bred Replacement Cows – Baby tooth to 5 yr old: 1 head $1,675/hd; solid mouth-no test.                                             

Cow/Calf Pairs – Young to middle age w/ baby $1,590-$1,600/pair; no test on aged cows w/ baby