Interview with Lampasas City Manager

Lampasas Water OK, according to City Manager Finley deGraffenried in his weekly 8:30am interview on KCYL/KACQ Radio. Recent Facebook posts had seemed to indicate serious problems with drinking water in the Kempner and Lampasas water system. The City Manager explained to the radio audience that, while the required disinfectant treating of our water does occasionally bring about higher than hoped for levels of the byproduct TTHM’s, it is not an emergency orreally serious matter now. The City constantly tests its water at different sites in the City to make sure it is safe and of high quality. It there is ever a problem in any area of the City, residents will be notified.

The other subject discussed by deGraffenried in today’s interview was the proposed tax rate to support the2016-17 budget. He explains that the budget is reasonably flat and that the tax rate is too. The roughly 29¢ per Hundred dollars of appraised value is the same as last year, but actual tax on your property depends on the appraised value. As to the income the City is getting from using that same tax rate, it will be higher. The higher income from property tax is coming from the increased property values and the new additions to the tax rolls.