City Council

Lampasas City Council received no opposition to its property tax proposal when a public hearing on the issue was held last evening. The tax rate proposal will see personal owners of real property, as well as business owners of real estate and personal property, paying 39.5218¢ per $100 of value on that property. 7.2335¢ of that amount will go to pay the City's debt and .322883 of it will go for the operation and maintenance of the City.

The proposed "effective" tax rate is a healthy hike from last year because of both the increase in budget, and because of the increase in value of property in the City. The public hearing was to give citizens and opportunity to voice possible opposition to the increase. Since there was none, the Council will go on to vote on its adoption on Sept. 12th at 7pm.

In other matters, the Council heard reports and proposals. One citizen, Robert Reed, inquired about beginning a utility billing "averaging out" system where the City might collect a higher amount from its customers during the cool months in order to keep summertime bills lower. The idea was to make it a voluntary option. The City Manager and staff agreed it was a possibility with a little work. The proposal was brought on by the usual complaints from utility customers about their high late summer utility bills. In other matters it was agreed that there will be a no parking, "bus zone" in front of the Boys and Girls Club building, and that there will begin to be a charge for using the Fire Department's meeting room. The Fire Department's room is now requiring maintenance and the Chief, Reece Oesterich, asked if they could charge a deposit and use fee. Council agreed that a $75 and $100 amount would be reasonable, though it would not be charged to non-profits.

A recent problem at the 580 Sports Park brought on some expensive repair work and the Council approved a $5,595 expenditure for some electrical work.