School Starts Today

Lampasas ISD schools begin this morning with students pouring into the local schools five main campuses about 8am.

There should be 3,300 or more students showing up for class this morning. The first morning last year was 3,306 and the last day of school last year had 3,328. Those numbers were down about 20 from the previous year. It will be interesting to see if school enrollment numbers are up, or down, this time.

The highest enrollment in Lampasas ISD is in its High School, with roughly 1,000 students. The enrollment goes down for the younger grades, up to fifth, but where there are threecampuses housing those grades. Comparing the population of the grades in Lampasas ISD, it seems they are fairly close, with 241 total students in the First Grade at the end of school last year, 241 in the Sixth, and 217 in Twelfth Grade. This year's senior class will be a bit bigger, since last year's 11th grade population was 245 at the end of the year.

For everyone driving to and from school, as well as those of us just navigating around town before and after school, please drive carefully during those before and after school hours, and especially in the areas of local schools. Watch for the flashing signals and school zone signs and remember, you may not be using your cell phone in a school zone.