Ain't Life Wonderful

By Ronnie Witcher

Let it rain! Just a few days ago, the El Rancho Notso Grande was sorta like an oasis in the desert—the only green spot on our rocky hillside rancho west of town.

The deer, rabbits, birds and assorted other critters were depending on it for a bite of green grass or browse, and for the drink of clean water out of the little fish pond. The doves and humming birds come in to the trees around the house and keep us busy with sentences that start with, "Oh look at the..." .

The grasshoppers had come and it's been funny watching them erupt out of the dry pasture grass, running for their lives, when our 24 Guinees come through. Guinees are noisy rascals but they sure are good at controlling grasshoppers.

Anyway, August's grip of heat and dry is giving up as the last few days of tropical rainfall showed up at the El Ranch Notso.                 5 inches of water was still in the front yard rain gauge when we checked this morning. That's the accumulation since last Friday. Maybe now, our rocky hillsides will green up a bit and some of the wildflowers will bloom again before fall kills it all.

Lots of us are staying in the house and keeping our heads down but we're all sayin' "Let it Rain"!

Just keep your slicker by the back door and don't open your umbrella in the wind, we're rootin' for ya.  RW