Lampasas City Council

Lampasas City Council met last night in chambers and went over budget matters, some zoning issues, the KWSC litigation and the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center funding.

A change in title only came for the City's "Outside Counsel" lawyer last evening. Ms JC Brown was given the official title of City Attorney by the Council. The move does not in any way affect funding as there is no stipend for City Attorney. The City is billed "by the hour" in any case.

The issue of Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center funding was presented, following an earlier report from the Chamber. The requested funding was not acted on, but instead the Council directed the City Manager to draw up a needed "new" agreement for Chamber funding. Once the new agreement, based on past discussions, is in place the Council is expected to approve funding.

There was a discussion with Municipal Court Judge Robert Gradel on the backlog in that court. The Judge made suggestions on ways to reduce it.

In another interesting proposal, a Mobile Food Vendor Park seemed to be a very different idea for our town. A possible site was suggested along Hwy 190/CTE. The idea is to allow a number of food vendors to locate in the single area with their food trailers, which would offer a variety of foods. The City Charter did not foresee such an installation, so it appears the City Administration will try to create an ordinance that would allow for the idea.  

The Old City Hall conceptual floor plan was approved by the Council and the architects will now proceed to further planning.

Kempner City Council meets this evening at 7pm in the Kempner City Hall. On the agenda is regular business, along with the appointment of Officer Spence as Chief of Police for the city. The Mayor will administer the oath of office.