New Lampasas County Sheriff

New Lampasas County Sheriff Jess Ramoswas in our studio Thursday morning for a radio meet n' greet. Sheriff Jess has had a very interesting career that included being a State Trooper, a drug investigator that even included working undercover in the Houston drug scene. After many years there he was accepted as a Texas Ranger and served there to official retirement…but as he told us, he wasn’t really ready to retire. So-o he took a job as a Horseshoe Bay police investigator. There, he worked until he decided to run for Lampasas County Sheriff.  Of course, he is only serving as Sheriff right now as an appointee, due to the early resignation of former Sheriff David Whitis. He will be officially on the ballot as a candidate for the job in November.

The Sheriff is frank about Lampasas County having its share of drug problems, however he says it’s that way pretty much all over the country. The Penalty Group 1 (PG1) drugs are the most common problem. That includes such drugs as codeine and heroin, but the big problem here is with the illegally and often sloppily-made PG1, methamphetamine. The "meth” drugs take a terrible toll on the health, finances and relationships of addicts and their families. If you suspect it may be a problem in your family, get help! There is plenty of information out there about ways to detect the drug use. It shows up in general health and condition, lack of interest in work, hobbies or family, and odd or violent behavior and more.

The Sheriff says sometimes it helps to talk to a family doctor about suspicions of drug use.

How’s the Sheriff fitting into his new job? Actually it wasn’t such a big deal a chief administrator as he was already administrating a department in his Horseshoe Bay job. Here it helps that he has spent years around the Sheriff’s Dept. as the area Texas Ranger and already knew the investigators and personnel. He says he thinks everything is going to work out nicely.