And on the Republican Convention...

 For those of us that observe it all without getting upset one way or the other, this is probably the most interesting Presidential Election period we've seen.

The entire Primary period has been amazing and tumultuous and the Republican Convention has been much the same. For some of us watching the goings on it's been a "Yeah, BG and for others OMG!" 

You get to hear the opinions of the experts and analysts about what's being said on network TV, but there are some opinions you don't get there...

One group that appears to have been unconvinced by the RNC is the Texas Nationalists (the Texas secessionists).

Daniel Miller, the head of the group, said in a statement, "I did not hear one word about decreasing the 180,000 pages of Federal laws, rules, and regulations. I did not hear one single Federal agency named out of 440 that would be targeted for elimination. I did not hear one single word about decreasing the horde of 2 million unelected Federal bureaucrats. I did not hear one single word about returning power to the States, ending Federal overreach, or returning any stitch of self-government to the people of Texas...."  It went on, but finished with:

"I am looking forward to November when anyone who has chosen Texas independence as their “Plan B” will be joining our fight to return the right of self-government to Texans and to make Texas a nation again."

OK, so much for the secessionists, now we wait to see what the Democrats say next week in their convention.