Here in Texas? Hot-Dry, Again!

 Somebody in Nashville called the other day and asked, "How is everything down there in Texas, after all that rain we heard about?" Hmph, I sez, "Whataya' think, it's Texas and it's hot and dry." What a wonderful spring we had. It had started out slow with only a half-inch of rain in January, 1.37 below normal. In February it got better, with 1.63 in., down only .6 from normal. In March we got wet with 3.53 in., .74 in above normal rainfall. That left us with a little deficit still, but here comes April and a whopping 7.36 in. of rain, 5.11 in. more than normal.

Now we thought, the drought is over, everything is green. At this point, we were 3.89 in. above normal for the year. How long does that last? In May, we had another 3.96 in. which was a slight deficit of .24 from the norm, but still leaving us with a nice surplus of 3.65 inches. In June there was only 1.27 in. of rain at the airport with most of it coming on the 2nd of June, and down 2.96 from the norm. That took our surplus down to only .69 inches. Then nothing other than a couple of very small showers until July 9th when 1.18 in. came in a storm and that dried up so fast it only saved most of us from one day of watering. So-o-o, it's still Texas and it's hot out there, and it's dry, as usual.