Wednesday Night Live

Another pleasant evening of music in Lampasas took place at Lampasas Radio's WNL show last night. Though our band for the evening, Silo Road, had to cancel out because of a conflicting gig at Austin's Continental Club, we had a great show without 'em.

The evening's song swap featured Genevieve Allen and Darwin Macon on stools with guitars and mixing their own music with excellent covers.

The two full-time working musicians did their things very well in both sets, and in between there was a treat as Louis(Louie) Lee, an 80-ish yr old retiree that lives in Lometa, showed up with his guitar and amp. The 'old pro' guitar picker treated the audience to some really excellent playing and drew huge applause after his performance. He was later joined by his wife who did a couple of gospel vocals.

In their second set we enjoyed some of the best cover tune work from our Allen-Macon song swap. Genevieve Allen is a real rodeo cowgirl, with some fame in barrel racing circles. She had also studied classical piano for some years and was a professionally trained musician, but somehow wanted to mix her music skills with the rodeo. Tried it - liked it, and now sheseems to be the female version of Chris Ledoux.  

Her current radio song is called “Rob That Train.” Keep listening to the radio - you'll hear it.

Darwin Macon covered several oldies tunes, one of them the Elvis hit, "Love Me".