Texas 4000

A large number of bicyclists will come to Lampasas today - at some point between noon and mid-afternoon. Several hundred are expected. The ride is centered around some 64 young riders that are headed to Anchorage, Alaska. It is a fund raiser to fight cancer, and it is a very successful one judging from the $752 thousand it raised last year. The money, all of it we're told, goes directly into research to fight the disease. The Texas 4,000 riders are joined in local areas such as Lampasas, by other riders that go along with them for parts of the trip. Those 64 original riders may have been joined by a few hundred more by the time they get to Lampasas today. The local destination is a tent that was set up yesterday in Turner Field baseball park on North Western Street. The original plans, that included stops at local wineries, had to be changed because of the rain soaked ground. At Turner Field the riders will be fed BBQ, catered by an Austin contractor, and have some activities. Afterward, the riders will split up and take different paths from Lampasas, taking parts of the group with each of them. Some head toward Lometa and a NW direction, others take paths that will lead toward the DFW area, others head south to Houston, where they will later turn back north and continue on to Anchorage. Local organizer Joe Corcoran told us he was riding with one group, as far as Hico. Local lawmen and other volunteers will be helping serve the cyclists and direct traffic during their stay and passthrough of Lampasas. Please observe caution and take direction if you are driving along a path filled with bicycles.