Search Efforts on for Soldiers from overturned LMTV as Texas Flood Death Count Rises

The Fort Hood Directorate of Emergency Personnel responded to a swift-water rescue call at 11:20am on Thursday. A Light Medium Tactical Vehicle, evidently in a routine training exercise with a dozen soldiers on board, was reported stuck in high water in an area near Cold Springs and Owl Creek off of East Range Road and had overturned. A second release from Ft Hood at 5pm Thursday said that three soldiers were rescued from the waters near the overturned vehicle but that three others were found confirmed deceased downstream from the vehicle and the search continued for six others. At 10pm last night yet another release said that two more deceased soldiers had been found downstream, bringing the total to five dead, three rescued, and the search continued for four missing soldiers. At 8am this morning a press conference at Ft Hood by the Commanding Major General John Uberti revealed that there was essentially nothing new, that the search continued for four missing soldiers in the accident. Later questioning to a press secretary about the exercise seemed to indicate that the soldiers were not in an exercise directly involved with high water, but were using a road they regularly used in routine daily exercises. More answers may come later after a military inquiryinto exactly what happened. Multiple resources from the Fort Hood Directorate of Emergency Services, local and state agencies were deployed to assist with the rescue and recovery of personnel and property. Emergency operations include aircraft, canine search teams, heavy-ground equipment, swiftwater rescue watercraft and search personnel. Names of the deceased will not be released until 24 hours after all next of kin have been notified. More information will be released when it becomes available.