Highland Lakes Full and Floodgates

Highland Lakes Full and Floodgates Open as the Colorado River Rages Lake Travis is 115% full this morning as it holds water back from Austin's Town Lake. Colorado River at Bend is higher again this morning with stream flow at 25, 237 cfs, up from Thursday morning's 9am reading of 17, 300 cfs. The flood stage depth is 19.07 ft. up from Thursday's 16.35 ft. The water coming thru Bend is dumping into Buchanan Lake which is at 1017.69 ft above MSL (the full level) and staying level as flood gates are open and passing extra water downstream. The next lake, Inks, is at 892 ft this morning, which is about 7 ft over full, and the same goes for all the lakes as they are emptying water as fast as possible without flooding too much downstream. Lake Travis, the last of the storage lakes is at 698 ft at its tail this morning. Full is 681 ft for Travis and it has to hold back water from Austin's Lake Austin (Town Lake) until it can safely be released back into the river to go on down to the coast.