City Council Hears Complaint, Then Approves Zoning Changes and Water/Sewer Line Bids

In the 7pm meeting of Lampasas City Council Monday evening local resident Elaine Kelly of 601 W. North Ave complained of an unreasonable and poorly delineated city ordinance. Ms Kelly has Bamboo growing in her yard. Recently, the Lampasas PD and a work crew with chain saws “took out” much of it.

It seems the ordinance prohibits tall grasses, and Bamboo is technically a grass, Ms Kelly agrees. But, she says, it is an ornamental grass like Yucca, Pampas and Lemongrass which is all typically over the one foot limit. She believes that the ordinance should except ornamental grasses. After her complaint to the Council there was no discussion on the issue, since they do not discuss items which are not on the agenda.

In other business the Council heard reports, then approved changes made to a zoning ordinance specifying where solar panels should be on local roofs. The change was to remove the reference regarding placement or color of the panels.

The Council also approved a new rate for renting the Ruth Eakin Outdoor Theatre or the Hancock Park Pavilion. It's to be $50 per day with a $75 deposit.

It was agreed to give the Spring Ho Committee $5,000 for use in advertising Spring Ho events, and almost $75,000 will go to replacing water lineon Ohnmeiss Drive and $320,266 for installing a sewer main and a lift station along Key Avenue at FM 580E. The new line will serve not only the addition, The Estates of Lampasas, but also any new development north of the intersection along Hwy 281.