Country Music Loses Another Legend

As Lampasas Radio and its WNL fans had another fun evening last night at Toupsie's, with the attention focused on a great performance by the Junior Gordon Band, many of us were aware of the loss on Monday of another legend.

Freddie Powers died on Tuesday, losing a battle with Parkinson's disease. This, just days after one of our greatest performers ever, Merle Haggard, died. Freddy Powers is not a name that is very familiar to people outside the business, but if you get into a conversation with a recording artist or just a group of musicians, you'd often hear the name.

You'd hear a singer say something about, “I worked with Freddie Powers on ...”, or “Freddie Powers helped me with..” or “I love Freddie Powers, he wanted me to record...”and it goes on. Freddie Powers worked with Merle Haggard, co-writing such as 'Let's Chase Each Other Around the Room Tonight' and 'I Always Get Lucky With You' and others. With Willie Nelson, he produced the Grammy-winning album, “Over the Rainbow.” 

Less known than some, but every bit as important as most, Freddie Powers made a difference.