Special Troops Return

Today From Tour in Eastern Europe A company of special troops from the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade is returning from duty in the area of unrest in the Russian border country regions of Eastern Europe. The group is F Co. of the 227th, 1st Air Cav. Bde., an Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) company, involved with Operation Atlantic Resolve for the past 9 months. Unmanned
Aerial Systems are generally identified as having to do with drones, and Operation Atlantic Resolve has to do with training and support of forces in Latvia and the Ukraine. The need for the deployment came after the Russian operations in the Ukraine as a way to show support
for the small independent countries in the region.

The F Co. troops will be the subject of a welcome home ceremony on Friday at Cooper Field, 1st Cav. Division. They've been away from home for 9 months.