Texas as a Road Trip Destination

With many of us thinking about a road trip this summer, and some of us thinking about the economy and tourism in general, we thought this survey was interesting. It's about the quality of our state as place for driving tourism and how it rates in different categories with #1 being the very best.

  •  3rd – Lowest Price of Three-Star Hotels
  •  4th – Number of Attractions
  •  5th – Average Gas Prices
  •  11th – Driving Laws Rating
  •  14th – Vehicle Miles Traveled per Capita
  •  28th – Lowest Price of Camping
  •  29th – Number of Scenic Byways
  •  34th – Number of Nightlife Options per Capita
  •  40th – Car Thefts per Capita
  •  42nd – Number of Traffic Fatalities per 100 Million Vehicles

Overall, Texas appears to rate number 30 of the 50. Oregon tops the list as best with Nevada, Utah, North Carolina, Minnesota, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Louisiana and Vermont rounding out the top 10 in that order.

The worst states for road trips, from 45 to 50, are Delaware, Michigan, North Dakota, Mississippi, Alaska and Connecticut.

Connecticut is way too costly for everything, so is Alaska, and there's not much to see in Connecticut or Alaska (that you can get to by car). Alaska, as well as Mississippi has poor roads and safety history too, and North Dakota rates way down there in all those categories. Besides that, North Dakota and Alaska would be way too long a road trip for all of us. Michigan rates at the very bottom for tourist attractions, even though northernMichigan has the Great Lakes, the Macinac Bridge and lake barges; that's still not enough to pull it off the bottom of the list. And, in case you wonder about our neighboring states, Oklahoma is number 41 on the list and New Mexico is just below Texas at number 32.