District Court June 10

On Friday, June 10, former District Judge Joe Carroll presided over District Court here. There were 31 cases on the docket with 18 of them having to do with drugs in one way or the other. Most of the drug cases were for methamphetamine, but some were for prescription type drugs and there were four PG2 cases, which involve the drugs Ecstasy or PCP. Two of the cases were for delivery of drugs.

There were a number of assault cases and some of them were for sexual assault of, or indecency with, a child. Others had to do with family violence.

Cases completed included Edwin J. Wilkinson, 55 of Georgetown, who was given 7 yrs probation and a $2,000 fine for DWI-3rd or more and Darryan Alexandrea Solis, 21, given 5 yrs in the TDCJ plus costs for possession of a large amount of an amphetamine type drug.