This Curious Political Year

What's to happen next, with the political climate and events leading up to the Presidential Election? Local Democrats will meet on Monday and be able to find out first-hand from their local delegates how it went at the Texas Democratic Convention in San Antonio this weekend.

The Lampasas County Democratic Party will meet on June 20 at 5pm at the Courthouse Annex at 406 S. Pecan in Lampasas. The local delegates will have just returned from the convention in San Antonio, where the delegates will discuss their choice for a Presidential Candidate – Hillary or Bernie, and on the resolutions to shape the party's state platform. Issues include an opposition to the campus carry rules so that public college campuses could have the right to opt out from having to allow the carrying of handguns on campus, possible denouncing of the state's Sunday blue laws, affirmation of religious freedoms, and a resolution supporting the Equality Act of 2015 which would include protection for sexual orientation and gender identity.