It's Sale Day at Lampasas Cattle Auction

The sale kicks off at 12:30pm today at the sale barn facility at the intersection of Hwy 281 and Hwy 183/190 north of Lampasas.

primary factor for a disease called anaplasmosis, which causes anemia and can kill livestock.

Another big problem expected is in sheep and goat flocks where roundworms and coccidia may occur. Here again, dewormers can help control the problem, but pasture rotation and some genetic selection is also important.

Perhaps the most familiar problem for all of us is the mosquito infestation. The recent rains left plenty of reason for mosquitos to reproduce in standing water. Most of us have already felt the problem when we tried to sit or work outside our homes. The mosquitos are annoying to everyone, but they also spread numerous diseases. The most common serious human disease they spread in Texas is encephalitis, but animals also get it, and animals are also infected with heartwormsit also applies to animals, and dogs also get mosquito borne heartworms.

The simplest thing we can all do to help with our mosquito problem is to remove standing water, though the extension service library has a lot of information available on their web site at