Funeral Notice

There is a graveside memorial on Sunday afternoonforPatricia Anne Perryman Jones and Willie Raymond Jones.

Patricia Anne Perryman Jones, born Dec. 31, 1935, and Willie Raymond Jones, born Jan. 18, 1934, married June 6, 1954. They lived together for 62 years, then passed away together on their anniversary, June 6th, 2016.

The couple is survived by three children, Michael Jones and wife Tara, Jeanine Mensch and husband Trey,  and Julie Farquhar. They are also survived by eleven grandchildren, DeeDee Gilstrap, Jason Holt, Jeremy Holt, Benjamin Jones, Brett Jacobs, Samuel Jones, Coleson Farquhar, Nathaniel Jones, Randi Ceplina, Tealey Farquhar and Kayleigh Farquhar. There are 18 great-grandchildren.

They were preceded in death by a daughter, Debra Lynn Jones.

The graveside memorial will be at Live Oak Cemetery in Hamilton at 3pm on Sunday.