Another Sales Tax Holiday

Coming up May 28-30, there is yet another sales tax holiday in Texas. This one is on both water-efficient/water conserving and energy efficient (ENERGY STAR) appliances.

There is no limit to the number of eligible devices you can purchase during this event. This can include air conditioners, refrigerators, fluorescent light bulbs, ceiling fans, dishwasher, dehumidifiers, clothes washers and more. It can include from soaker hoses to large water storage systems, anything that displays a WaterSense label or logo, including showerheads and faucets, toilets...or even water sprinkler or landscape irrigation controls.

Check with your local hardware or appliance store to see what might be included in the sales tax free event. If you happen to be needing something can save over 8% by purchasing during this May 28-30 period.