Monday's Meetings:

Commissioners Court

Lampasas County Commissioners met in the courthouse on Monday with all present.

They approved going out for bids on road materials and fuel and awarding the bids on July 11. It was also agreed to move some CD funds from an out of state bank to an in-state firm and in an item concerning donation of personal time from one county employee(s) to another, Commissioners voted against it. The matter had been proposed by Precinct 1 Commissioner Robert Vincent, who said that after one of his employees was injured on the job, the employee was paid the 70% of his salary that workman’s comp covers, then another employee has offered to donate some of his time off to the injured employee. Vincent said that even though there is a policy in place against donating annual leave time, there's no policy against donating personal time.

Opinions against the move were voiced by Dorothy Person and other Commissioners and Commissioner Vincent's proposal was voted down 4-1.

In an item dealing with the Central Texas Council of Governments' (CTCOG) mapping efforts, CTCOG had determined a need to address certain residential structures in the east end of the county. After some discussion and changes, one of CTCOG’s proposals was denied and another accepted for addressing procedures.